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November 17, 2009

Life on the farm, as it was in “Anne’s” time…

Green Gables3d (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

We are on Prince Edward Island, visiting the  house that inspired L.M. Montgomery’s book : “Anne of Green Gables“.

Before we get to the house itself we look around outside, and see what farm life was like in “Anne’s” time.

In the new barn there are displays of photos and objects that show us how life was lived on a PEI Farm in L.M. Montgomery’s time, and together they build a picture of the life  Maude led whilst she lived here, and the things of daily life  that inspired her writings.

Life was hard on the island, nothing was wasted and many things, if they could not be hand made, were done without.

“Modern” machinery and the use of working horses,   which certainly did much to relieve some of the back-breaking manual  work, but the days would still have been dawn to dusk, long hours of toil. Everyone on the farm helped with the day to day running of the property and  the leisure time that we nowadays take for granted would have been truly a luxury.

The Green Gables farm was about 100 acres in size and produced wheat, oats, barley, potatoes, turnips, and hay. Livestock would have included sheep, cattle, poultry, pig and horses.

They made their own cloth, butter and cheese. The cows provided meat, leather, and dairy products and any excess cream, butter and cheese was sold as a small but steady source of income.

Here is a small ” tour” of life in the ‘good ‘ole days” of farming….

Green Gables2v (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

Green Gables3a (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

Green Gables91w (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

Green Gables2s (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

Green Gables3o (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

Green Gables2x (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

Green Gables3p (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

Green Gables3k (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

Green Gables5d (Small)

(photo © kiwidutch)

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  1. You are really educationg us all abaout PEI, love it.

    Comment by Sage — November 17, 2009 @ 2:37 pm | Reply

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