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August 23, 2010

A little Rant,(ok a Big One) and a Competition to Promote your Blog…

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Having trouble getting traffic for your Blog?  Do you wish you could reach more readers? I constantly see Bloggers asking how to increase traffic to their blog. Fair enough, no problem there , I write because I love to write and not purely for traffic but each to their own.

There  are various Forums for “WordPress” Bloggers … just as there probably are for other blogging formats but I’m sure that often the problem I see, is often the same no matter which provider you are blogging with.

Take the WordPress “Showcase” Forum for instance. It’s the Forum where WordPress bloggers can plug their blogs to other bloggers.

My problem is that there is a continuous multitude of messages that I have seen in the last year that all say ” See my Blog“, ” Go look at my Blog” “my blog is great ” “New Blog” ” pick me, pick me” and other words in this vein but when you open their post,  that’s all it says!

Often too, the header of these  posts ask in one way or another how they can generate more traffic to their blog… but what does the potential reader know about their blog from their post?  Zip,  Nada, Nothing, Nix.

Agggggggh!!! I just wasted precious seconds of my life for zero information and you seriously expect me click on for more???? (you can’t be serious!.. or sorry for you are totally unrealistic or very stupid) <- Grrrr, this is one of my pet hates, can you tell mayhap?

Do people assume that  I, (and others) as  potential readers and subscribers to your blog have unlimited time to click on links that contain Zero information about what their blog is about?

Get Real people, I do at least understand that folks have busy lives,  that more demands from more sources of media are being made on our time today than any time previously in history.  I also understand that there are more Blogs out there than can be read in a human lifetime and that the number of  new Blogs being added is growing by the day.

I’m also a realist, not all blogs will appeal to everyone, it would actually be pretty boring if they all did. The idea is to be able to sift though the bits that don’t interest you to find the stuff that does.

After about a nano-second looking at blogs  it’s clear to pick out the people who are passionate about their subject, who write well,  who write  from the heart or for the pleasure of writing  or all of these. It  also  becomes painfully clear who isn’t and doesn’t.

I want to promote good Blogs… but I don’t want  just a “pick me, pick me”  empty advert.

So .. to Enter the Competition Please leave me a Comment on this post:

How do you enter? .. read on…

Describe  YOUR blog.., Like any good advert make it catchy, make it memorable,  be short and to the point, use humour, use wit, but most of all be honest, …sum up the essence of your blog, do it accurately so that no one who clicks on your link afterwards can say ” Hey what’s in the tin isn’t what was advertised on the package” and leave disappointed.

Here’s your chance to sell your blog… if you do it well, you will attract people who are passionate about the stuff you are passionate about, who share your views.. (or don’t), who enjoy debate, who like your sense of humour, your sense of style, the way you write or just plain who you are.   They might even stay and keep reading future posts.

It doesn’t matter if your genre is not mine,  the aim of the game is to impress readers with an advert of you that is impressive. Your honesty and passion is what counts in this.  Wishy-washy and vague won’t make you stand out, we want to see your passion for what YOU blog about. Surely you are blogging because you love words so let’s see your best !

If you are a Local Heart, Global Soul reader who doesn’t have their own blog, you *might* wish to make a comment on one of the blogs in the comments that catches your eye. I’d encourage you to please do so… everyone (should) love constructive feedback. If you do, I have one tiny request to make please: Please tell us when you make your comment, that your comment stems from the post you are reading right now. That would be muchly appreciated.

The Winner is the person you impresses me most with a comment that so perfectly sums up their blog, and so well written (in my view, since it’s my competition and I’m the top brat in the playground brandishing the water pistol, throwing the sand and squealing  out the rules today– Oops no, were  they were my kids? ok, Phew no… ack , back to topic…)  I want to look at your blog and your summary of yourself and say ” 100%  it-takes-the-cake,  right-on-the-button, ya-hit-the-jackpot  and I can’t think of a single way to say it better”

I’m busy racking my brains for a prize to give… the easiest is that  The Winner gets a free Blog Promotion here with the result of the competition from Moi, Kiwidutch. Sound like a deal?

You all have until the end of August 2010 to get your thinking caps on and to sell your stuff to the Kiwidutch readers and I will announce a winner on 1st September after I have read them all.

If you are advertising your blog in my comments, please just do it ONCEthink about what you want to write and give me the ” final version” . Readers have limited time after all… and you are trying to entice them to read more blog and  not spam them.. right?… I repeat.. RIGHT?????!!!! ( to be fair on everyone, I will delete every entry except your first, so make it count!)

Bloggers write for fun, because they love communicating via the written word, Let’s show people how well we can do it… and if you DO do it well then maybe someone will fall in love with your blog too!

So, let’s be hearin’ from you!


  1. At the time I began working on my blog I was a 25 year old who thought it would be wise to try to find her soul mate by the time her 27th birthday rolled around. Well, fate must have a sense of humor because four months into my experiment my 26 year old self has managed to pay for one date, run into elevator doors when her crush is around, be blown off for a celtics game,have one romantic night with a guy she never heard from again, end a few friendships, and of course falling deeper into her never ending groupie habits among other embarrassing adventures.

    Welcome to what “My Other Half Isn’t…” is all about.


    Comment by Skylar Hope — August 24, 2010 @ 7:42 pm | Reply

  2. Hola (that’s hello for the Non-Spanish people) I am now going to attempt (emphasis on attempt)to win. (Because winning is a chance to crush people) My wonderful blog is about the net. (The inter kind) I review various websites and show off odd/strange/useful/useless/etc (most people write etc when they are to lazy to think of more examples, by the way how am I doing so far?) I try to entertain my 25 subscribers with useful critique (Hah! didn’t even have to use the dictionary on that one) that will allow my users to fully understand the potential/[opposite of potential] the featured site has. I honestly think that my site allows for users to witness websites they have never even though existed (clearly displayed by my latest post. Okay I am done now I hope I win.

    PS: I am a (non)orphan
    PPS: My great grandmother died like a 100 years ago 😦

    The guilt will kick in soon after you didn’t pick me…

    Comment by christiangrblr — August 24, 2010 @ 8:28 pm | Reply

  3. Love the idea to increase hits – well done. Good luck with this one, a bit like marmite you will either love it or hate it…

    Ramblings from a bass fishing obsessive

    … an incorrigible angler

    Among the many definitions of an obsessive is one that states, ’ to preoccupy the mind excessively’. I am not quite at that level though others around me may disagree! So what has brought about this strange behaviour, especially if you consider my record of catching these fine fish is not great.

    It was my Father, who came from a non-fishing family, who taught me how to fish. His own angling journey led him to fish for bass. Those early experiences obviously have had some deep long-lasting effect on me because even though I have dabbled with many other forms of fishing, I have always being drawn back to the sea and its Bass.

    There is something special about its wild-like quality that gives it a unique place to anyone who deliberately sets out to catch one.

    Please don’t look at these pages and expect to read about tales of great Bass caught, as you will come away bitterly disappointed. However you may find within these pages the ramblings of a man who with the love of his family, loves to fish, loves nature, and for some inexplicable reason wants to share it with you lot…

    Comment by anincorrigible — August 24, 2010 @ 8:54 pm | Reply

  4. To put it bluntly, I’m a gamer. I love playing video games, dungeons and dragons, and so much more. Hell, I play video games nearly every day. The catch? I’m a girl and my regular gaming companions are nothing but boys. My blog is about my times playing games with my male counterparts and trying to ‘grow up’ and have a life because everyone is telling me to do so. Read my rants about games, life, and my guys.


    Comment by chibivega — August 24, 2010 @ 9:57 pm | Reply

  5. Welcome to the life of a self-described geek and hopeless book addict. As I read, write, and fumble through my teenage years, I share my thoughts on a variety of topics- or I try to. True to my day-to-day mindset, the primary topic for conversation is books. Is this a personal blog, a book blog, or a general how-to/review blog? Perhaps I should just call it an “about everything” blog to avoid argument. You can decide for yourself, though, reader. Come on in, and join the fun!


    Comment by Allegra — August 26, 2010 @ 12:14 pm | Reply

  6. Look at my blog! Pick me! Pick me!

    Oh, come on — you know someone had to be the jokester!

    Comment by blisterina — August 26, 2010 @ 7:24 pm | Reply

    • Hahaha! yep, I know it HAD to be one of my regulars LOL! Come on… NOW give me the REAL advert for yourself! Sell ya self gal, I KNOW you can!

      Comment by kiwidutch — August 26, 2010 @ 7:53 pm | Reply

  7. I agree with you 100% Kiwi. I avoid anything in the showcase that just screams “come and see my blog” without giving me a reason to visit.

    I’m taking up your very generous offer to puff up my blog. Here goes.

    As the strapline describes, it’s the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright ridiculous that I write about. The name Pie And Biscuits has the same rhythm as ‘stuff and nonsense’ if you say it out loud, making it suitably nonsensical, describing my blog perfectly. Brits love pies and a biscuit with their tea, therefore the name also highlights an aspect of the British identity in general and my identity as a British London Blogger in particular. It also describes the things I write about, which is a mixture of the serious, unusual, and absolutely stupid, culled from the local and world media. My blog also contains observations as I go about my daily business, peppered with personal experiences. It’s a fairly random read, but an entertaining one.

    Comment by Pie — August 26, 2010 @ 11:08 pm | Reply

  8. Mall Cop Diary = The In(s)ane Ramblings of A Mall Cop

    Mall cops. You’ve seen them around. Those loud figures of authority who dazzle you with their attitude and crisp uniforms so resplendent with insignias and badges, as you go about your lawful business at the mall. Those selfless and courageous individuals who stand between you and the members of the juvenile criminal fraternity.

    But what is it that they actually do? Do mall cops have a life? And as a juvenile mall skater once asked, are you for real? I am for real, kiddo. I assure you. Mall cops are people too, you know.

    Before I crossed the thin mall line*, I too was a civilian. And every time I was kicked out of the mall for a host of “criminal” activities such as eating ice-cream in the lingerie department and inciting the public to do a muscial routine in the atrium, I asked those questions myself.

    Now that I finally have an insider’s perspective, I can perform a public service and answer those questions in my upcoming book, Mall Cop Diary.

    That’s why I set up my blog. To help market my upcoming book and receive feedback from my readers.

    Mall Cop Diary (the book) will be a collection of short stories of daily going-ons at the mall. From the mall cop perspective of course. Likewise, my blog is written in the diary format. It is basically a sample of things to come. While my book will feature brand new stories, it will be written in the same humourous style as my blog posts.

    * It is an actual red line drawn across the floor of the entrance to the manager’s office. Above the line, on the wall, there’s a sign that says “Unauthorized Personnel Not Allowed Beyond This Line.”

    So anyway, crossing that line meant that I was one of the authorized personnel, obviously.

    Enjoy: http://mallcopdiary.wordpress.com/

    Yours Truly,
    A Mall Cop

    Comment by A Mall Cop — August 27, 2010 @ 9:19 am | Reply

  9. Milkay Photography – A girl, her camera and an obsession with nature!

    If you are looking for exotic landscapes, never-before-seen wild animals and rare flowers, this is NOT the blog for you! My photoblog celebrates the everyday beauty of planet earth along with my occasional frustrations with Mother Nature (she does so like to taunt me!) This doesn’t mean I don’t take my photography seriously, au contraire. Much time and effort goes into each and every shot in my attempt to elevate the ordinary to the level of fine art. Rarely planned, each image captures a moment in time and I truly believe that every day provides an opportunity to capture MAGIC if we are simply willing to slow down and recognize it. Won’t you come along for the ride?

    Comment by milkayphoto — September 2, 2010 @ 3:00 pm | Reply

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