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September 18, 2010

To Market, To Market !

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(photograph © Kiwidutch)

It’s a hot August 2010 Saturday in Vila Nova de Cerveira, on the far northern border of Portugal.

As we wander around we overlook the river, and across the river, Spain.

The Market is a very popular local event and there are many stalls, selling all manner of household goods and lots of clothes.

I did see some lovely fabric but sadly suitcase space is limited, and I already have space earmarked to take home dried Piri Piri, several baking pans that are a perfect size and shape for things I make regularly,  and of course some excellent Portuguese Olive oils that will be buried in my rolled up clothes.

The canopies over the stalls are very much appreciated as the temperature is now over 36 C and every centimeter of shade is fast filling up as people seek relief from the sun.

I did look intently at the pottery and painted tiles, but sadly the enticing view from a distance was disappointing closer up, as the quality of the painting on the pieces was lacking.

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

I have pieces from other parts of Portugal where the hand painting is far superior and figure that if I need to take the trouble and effort to get something back to the Netherlands in one piece, then it better be a quality piece worth having.

None of these fit the bill, so my search to add to my small Portuguese collection continues…

The kids did get a new swimming costume each, but we needed to take account of the different size of  Portuguese kids. Even though both our kids are very skinny and below average weight, Kiwi Daughter who’s nine years old fitted a Portuguese  suit sized for 12 years old and Little Mr at 5 years of age has a Portuguese suit that sized 7 and it fits him perfectly.

Soon the kids are both hot and  flagging so our next plan of action is a swift return to the camp and a bee-line for the swimming pool.

(photograph © Kiwidutch

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

Everything from cute….

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

… to cork…

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

These looked better quality, but weren’t a shape I wanted…

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

We’ve been in town and at the market for three hours and if I thought it was busy when we arrived the traffic and crowd now are a real eye opener.  There’s an exceptionally  long queue of cars circling the car park and as we ease out of our space it’s immediately taken by one of the waiting circler’s.

The kids are in their swimming costumes within 3 minutes of being  back at camp… and Himself and I relax in the shade watching them…  Bliss!

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