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January 8, 2011

You Want to “Postaday” But You’ll be Away ? Practical Blogging Tips.

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I know that some of my readers have accepted the WordPress 2011 Challenge to make a daily (or weekly) blog  post because they would like to get into the habit of blogging more regularly.

Keeping  up with posting regularly can be daunting enough if you are at home and in your normal everyday routine, but what if you are on the move? … and maybe to somewhere with little or no internet connection? What happens if “Life Happens” and there is a family emergency,  unexpected work pressure,  or rushing to the littlest room with severe tummy troubles and the dilemma of not knowing which end of yourself to point over the toilet bowl first?

I have been blogging daily for a year and a half now and all of these things have happened to me.
So here are a few Tips:  You are into the business of blogging because you like the business of writing,  Yes? My first tip involves some extra work, but will be well worth it in the end. It doesn’t matter what your blog is about: Surely there is a topic that is close to your heart, a question you’d like to ask or an opinion that you’d like to get off your chest. First you need just a little inspiration.

Tip One: make a folder on your computer  or a notebook where you  jot down notes and ideas of possible blog topics. The weird, wonderful, serious, whatever…  jot ALL your ideas down.

(photograph © Kiwidutch

FORGET the phrase “writer’s block”. Seriously, it’s a disease you can convince yourself you have at the mere glance at a blank page. EVERYONE has good ideas!, It just so happens in life, that the moment in the day that we have to time to write does not neatly coincide with our best creative moments, so you will  just need reminding what your good ideas were.

Be it on the computer, in a notebook or on the back of your shopping list, write down your  idea as soon as as you can.  If your idea is on a scrap of paper or anything you can loose, then transfer it to your notebook or computer file as soon as you can. These summaries, words and phrases are your “inspiration” file.  Make a habit of adding to it as often as you possibly can… 10 topics or 100, it doesn’t matter, these are the tinder for your creative match.

Now a little effort is required: Draw yourself a timetable and force yourself to  make not ONE blog post at a time, but TWO. Post one of them as usual but save the other one as a “draft”, or put it into your schedule with a date far away (yes, even next year!) I already have a few of my topics in the WordPress Schedule for December 2011!

In theory I have a whole year to finish off, refine my “reserve” posts, and add photos, but in reality they will be ready long before the scheduled posting date, and when I need a post in a hurry, then I only have to change the date of that post in the schedule to tomorrow, or whenever date I need it.

If you expend a little energy now then you can quickly build up a stash of “reserve” posts. If you put your posts into a schedule one year in advance, then not every one of these has to be a fully completed post.

Keep your “stash” of reserve posts and use them in case of illness, family emergencies, holidays etc.  Make it a priority to “top up” your “reserve”  posts as soon after use as you can. That way you won’t suddenly find that your stash of reserves is … oops …zero.

These “Reserve” posts can be used three ways…

(A) Save them for when you are desperate to have a blog post that you can just slot in quickly.

(B) Use them as a buffer… so you have posts already in the schedule for the next two weeks  and the one you are working on today is destined to be added to the end of the queue, thus if you add a post every day then you will aways be two weeks ahead.

(C) Do a little of both. Have a few finished posts already lined up for the next days, a few finished ones as ‘reserves” and a stack of others at various stages of being “works-in-progress”

In my schedule I currently have a “stash” of completed posts,  some half-written ones, some that have a short paragraph or a few lines and a stack more that are just a title or key-word just to remind me of a topic. I use a combination of (B) and (C) when I post, but I very often also ‘insert” many ‘impromptu” posts as well into the queue,  … these are usually in response to a comment made on my blog, or because reading someone else’s blog  has inspired me to write a post of my own right away.

Inserting impromptu  posts is easy, all I have to do is to re-jig the scheduled posting dates.

So next time you need to be on a flight somewhere, you can leave your blog post in the safe hands of the  schedule and it will post automatically for you at the time and date you have designated.

By keeping a blog post coming at your set posting time in the week, your readers will keep with you.Big time gaps in your blog are  actually fine but eventually some readers may drift away and also on a psychological level you make it harder to kick  yourself to get back into the rhythm of blogging.

Big gaps in your blog posts might make you feel under pressure to produce a new blog post, and writing because you feel you “have to” is not fun, it’s stressful. Blogging should be fun.If though you find that too many things in Life overtake you at once then be realistic… don’t sweat the small stuff.

If your child is in hospital, a parent  or a friend is in their last days, you need to meet work commitments or your family time is being impacted because of your blog then it’s time to take a step back and realise that posting on time in your blog is the least of your worries and no longer top priority for the moment.

And rightly so, Sensible  regular readers who have gotten to know you will understand.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Really great ideas here, Kiwi! I haven’t scheduled posts but am beginning to realize that if I want to maintain this blog, I might just have to start. It’s all about discipline, right? 🙂

    Comment by milkayphoto — January 10, 2011 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

  2. nice blog…lots of info and well written, plus i freaking love spinach in mashed taters….wanna be food blog buddies???

    Comment by steveishungry — January 10, 2011 @ 7:36 pm | Reply

    • Hi Steve, Yes whisk me in! I’ve left a message on your blog, and Thanks for the kind comments!

      Comment by kiwidutch — January 10, 2011 @ 7:55 pm | Reply

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