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September 27, 2014

A Mystery…But Where Is Google Earth When You Need It?

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For the last few years whenever we have come close to Calais on the E40 /A16  I have had a fleeting glance of something mysterious out of the window. I’ve tried to take photographs but there are quite a few trees and bushes in the way and we have passed by in a flash. It seems that there are letters so maybe some sort of logo spelt out out on the ground, so curious, I take photographs of  a motorway road sign  to give me a rough geographical book-mark, however when I  look on “Google Earth” I can’t find it anywhere. It’s definitely been there for at least two years and It’s a mystery that I one day hope to solve.

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)




  1. How strange. You would think that if it’s been there for the last two years, it would appear on Google Earth by now.

    Comment by Elaine - I used to be indecisive — September 27, 2014 @ 7:56 am | Reply

    • Elaine,
      I know from some Google images that some areas are “refreshed” in about three years (places I know well in New Zealand) but other like Cape Verde, on the Island of Sal still hadn’t been updated in over five years (our hotel wasn’t on Google Earth until almost six years after it was built)… so clearly it’s pot-luck. Other areas, like parts of the Netherlands have been quite recently updated (we saw the solar panels some friends installed a year ago, showing already!).

      Comment by kiwidutch — October 4, 2014 @ 9:31 pm | Reply

  2. I took a look in Google also (as well as Bing Maps) around Exit # 52a/52b and did not see it either.

    In the third picture, I see something like this (just a quick sketch, not exact):

    Comment by Carrie — September 28, 2014 @ 8:18 pm | Reply

    • The bottom arrow should be longer…

      Comment by Carrie — September 28, 2014 @ 8:19 pm | Reply

    • Carrie,
      You are truly wasted in your profession, you’d make a first class detective! Ever considered a change of vocation??? I can only hope that sometime soon Google Earth gets a more recent update and we can solve the mystery. We first saw it two years previous so I knew to have the camera ready when we started to get close to Calais, annoyingly the bushes and trees do a fine job of making photography from a moving vehicle extra hard.

      Comment by kiwidutch — October 4, 2014 @ 9:22 pm | Reply

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