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January 25, 2015

The Bottle That Couldn’t Face It’s Unmasking And Bottled It…

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

At this stage of my archive posts, Family Kiwidutch are back at our accommodation  in  the Autenrieder Brauereigasthof hotel  located in Ichenhausen, and enjoying a slow “catch up morning”  where I rest up with every pillow in the family room under my foot to relieve my foot pain and Himself and the kids make good use of the hotel swimming pool.

They still want to go to Legoland again today but I will see if I end up going with them or not.

Himself had a drama by the car and is not in the best of moods, here is the tale of the sad saga: Himself likes very dark beers and nice wines (not together obviously) and loves nothing better than hunting down a locally made wine from each country we visit if that is at all possible.

Having spotted a little shop in Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein that looked like it sold bottled goods, he made a speedy detour and after a conversation in German came back triumphant with what he thought was an actual Liechtenstein wine (even though vineyards were not anywhere in evidence).

Mind you, in a tiny country a vineyard would be correspondingly tiny so seeing rows of vines is neither here nor there.

The downside was that the bottle had cost him Euro 25,–  an amount he would not usually consider paying for a general run of the mill dinner wine that only he would be drinking. (My strong pain medications ruling out any alcohol consumption in the last four and a half years).

He was so delighted that he had discovered a real “Liechtenstein wine” that he bit the bullet and paid up… bringing the bottle back to the car with a huge smile on his face.

Once back at our hotel, getting our stuff out of the car he looked closer at the bottle and gave an annoyed mutter about his expensive purchase: even if the label really made it look like it was a Liechtenstein wine, the fine print right at the bottom actually revealed it to be Austrian, so clearly not the rare find he thought had scored.

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

He was annoyed that the shopkeeper hadn’t pointed out that it wasn’t really  a Liechtenstein wine when he must have known (but Himself did admit that there is a small possibility this might  also have been the fault of cross-purpose communication his part).   That said, Himself’s German is more than passable and so personally I’m inclined to think that the seller in this case took advantage of a tourist customer in a hurry to get rid of a more expensive stock.

In a fit of pique and to save on carrying unnecessary luggage back and forth to our room, Himself left the offending full bottle of wine in the boot of the car where he tried hard to put it out of mind whilst he simmered down over it’s price tag.

He was in the back seat making space in our seven seater for the baggage a few days later, and with the boot open, and some of the extra seats folded down, pushed a large box of Lego over to fit in a suitcase, to be greeted by the sickening sound of breaking glass which then reminded him of where the Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Austrian) wine had been stashed.

He exited the car and went around to the rear where a red puddle of wine was on the concrete pavement along with a lot of broken glass. He managed to clear up the glass but of course the wine was well and truly lost and he came back to our room with a woeful tale of the accident and mutterings about Murphy’s Law that it had to be that expensive bottle that fell out of the boot of the car.

We (after he had simmered down) made jokes along the lines of “that wine knew it was less loved because it wasn’t a real Liechtenstein wine after all, so may have jumped rather than been pushed” or “maybe it knew that it’s taste wasn’t up to it’s Euro 25,– price tag so it did all it could not to have added insult to injury”.

It was a sore point for a while as he tried not to let the whole incident get him down but in the end he chalked it up to one of life’s experiences that you have to live and learn from.

The rest of the day went well, and I didn’t say a word when Himself opted for a beer instead of wine with that night’s dinner…

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