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December 7, 2018

Sometimes You Need To Trust Your Gut…

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

The next morning we prepared to leave Greymouth.

It’s an early start partly because we want be to able  to take our time, especially through the really winding stretches of road.

It’s also an early start because no one slept well. I have been without everything except my strongest pain medication for several days now and my asthma in particular has been bad at night, with me  blocked up and emitting either a loud wheeze or snore at turns.

It’s been so bad that I kept up every other family member in our small, shared room. Even though they said I kept them awake “all night” and I know I was guilty of this, I was also kept awake by himself snoring as well for at least part of the night so no-one woke rested.

I take a low dose antibiotic daily in order to keep my lungs clear of fluid,  it also helps to replace large doses of Prednison which of course have made my bones thin. Without the lower doses Prednison and the antibiotic I still take, I find it hard to get comfortable at night, so the wheezing and snoring were always a problem were suddenly back with a vengeance.

I knew my chest felt tight and that I woke over again but didn’t realise how bad things were for Kiwi Daughter, Little Mr and Himself because of it. The next morning I felt decidedly off colour but chalked it up to two bad night’s sleep and a desperate need to get back to the asthma and foot medications we had accidently left back in Hanmer Springs.

Breakfast found us finishing off bits and bobs from what we had bought in recent days.

Little Mr could not finish the rest of the bottle of chocolate milk and not wanting to see it go to waste I poured it onto cornflakes to eat and use it up.

Breakfast is not usually something I eat until I have been up for quite some hours and definitely not when I’m due a long road trip or boat trip. On this occasion though I was tired, out of sorts and just wanted to get back to Hanmer.

Even though it was early morning the temperature was already rising steadily and it was promising to nudge thirty degrees again. We hit the road directly after breakfast and we were not many kilometres into the journey when I found myself feeling as green as grass.

Again, we chalked it up to a bad night, but we were not too far out of Greymouth when a layby with a historic monument came into view and I got Himself to pull over, telling him I REALLY needed some fresh air. The historic place is the Brunner mine and I stagger out with the camera hoping for some distraction from the horrible feeling in my stomach. Photographs taken, I go to go back to the car but suddenly green becomes even greener and  I had just enough time to duck behind the little memorial building where I promptly lost breakfast in unceremonious fashion. Luckily I’d taken my water bottle with me and could clean up before heading back to the car.

I should have trusted instinct and a lifetime of travels with motion sickness but it seem that in the absence of sleep, common sense  and trusting your instincts goes out of the window. Even back in the car, although I felt better, the green nagging feeling persisted so the kilometres rolled by in less than enjoyable fashion and it seemed that I needed one rest stop after another with ever increasing regularity. It might “only” have been 213 km’s but it’s a three hour journey that started to feel like it was going to become a ten hour one. It’s by far the worst car journey I’ve had since I was a kid. (Ok, there was one Portugal trip where Kiwi Daughter and I threw up in ditches on opposite sides of the road but that was more than ten years back).  One thing is sure about learning lessons from the past, I should never let those lessons get crowded out by something as stupid as not wanting to waste two cups of chocolate milk. Sometimes you are better to trust your gut.

(Grrr i’m having troubles with my photos *again*  they repeatedly refuse to load) I will keep trying, as I have been for the past week. Apologies again. – kiwi.

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