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September 14, 2019

Rescue On The Beach..

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Little Mr is now forteen years old (Wow, he was four when I started this blog!) and interested in photography. Since the sightseeing trip to see the “Gezamenlijk Brandweer” fire stations (Joint “company”fire stations) around the Rotterdam Havens was entirely his idea, I agreed to let him take photographs with my DSLR camera to suppliment his phone photos.

I cannot negotiate sand easily on crutches or in the wheelchair unless there are concrete ramps, so for this “photoshoot” of the Reddingsbrigade (Lifeguard station) on the beach Little Mr was on his own with the “big camera”. Overjoyed too that he could add this lifeguard station (and more importantly it’s vehicles and equipment) to this list of rescue services that interconnect with the work of the Fire Brigade stations around it. Little Mr knows not only all of the names of every type of fire vehicle but also that of all of the Reddingsbrigade vehicles so this sighting was a real bonus catch in his wish to visit as many fire and rescue stations in the province of Zuid Holland (South Holland) as possible. I think he did brilliantly with these photographs, … Well Done kiddo!

(photograph © Little Mr.)

(photograph © Little Mr.)

(photograph © Little Mr.)

The sign reads: “High Tide 17:22,  Low Tide 13:00, and Wind direction… (not sure what it says after that). Nice to see a bowl of water out for dogs. It was a warm day and would have been appreciated.

(photograph © Little Mr.)

(photograph © Little Mr.)

(photograph © Little Mr.)

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