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October 5, 2019

Don’t Pull The Plug!!!

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We are having a lot of work done on the house at the moment and have a fabulous and very qualified handyman (who we will call “J”) doing electrics, plumbing, windows, carpentry and a whole host of stuff. Of course it’s customary on the Netherlands to begin the day together with coffee. The work getting double glazed windows into existing wooden frames is something that “J” has been doing, and was recomended to use a new tool supposed to make the job quicker and easier.(It didn’t). The master bedroom was therefore not finished as planned by the end of the day on Friday last weekend. Worried that stormy weather and very heavy rain was forecast for the weekend and the windows were not watertight, “J” turned up on Saturday morning to make them good before the storm arrived. (AND won’t even let us charge weekend rates!)

Saturday morning Himself had made coffee and tea before the work began and whilst we enjoyed our cuppa, the subject of various pranks we played on our kids came up. Himself told “J” about our Soap Magic tricks but “J”told us one that he did that has us in fits of laughter.

When his son was little, “J” told him to stop being mean/backchatting etc to his mother. The little dude didn’t listen and kept up being naughty. Reminders ensued. Some time later “J” walked into the house and witnessed one such occasion, angrily pulled the kid aside and very sternly told him: “If you don’t stop doing that to your mother, I will pull the plug out of your stomach and all  your insides will fall out!” Apparently the kid was stunned not only into silence but clearly so worried about this threat that the naughty behaviour stopped from that moment on.

So now you know… you belly-button is the plug that stops your insides leaking out!

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