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July 26, 2020

A Very Early Drop-Off…

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(photograph copyright © Kiwidutch)

Every now and again Himself drops me off somewhere close to home with my wheelchair and I have a few hours to take photographs before he picks me up again.

My time is limited for several reasons. First because after a few hours I’ve reached the limits of what I can do.

The necessity to take strong pain relief that makes me drowsy, and to elevate my leg means that my next stop is my bed for at least four hours.

The second reason is “people”,  in that it gets so busy with people, bike and car traffic that taking photographs of the local architecture becomes difficult.

For this reason I start my trip with a morning drop-off anywhere between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. before the shops open, delivery vans crowd pavements, cyclists ride through the frame as I click the lens and people get out onto the streets and pavements.

During Spring of 2020 there has been an additional motivation to avoid the population “like the plague”, (if you can forgive the expression), because as someone with COPD and severe asthma, I could not afford to bump into Covid19 during my photography adventures.

Fortunately Himself is one of the breed of people who love nothing better then to be awake at the crack of dawn, the 5.00 a.m. start of the day calling him most days, even weekends and holidays.

A “sleep in” for him means getting up at 7.00a.m. Ugh, not normally my style at all. I never understand how he does it. When I think of this as a lifestyle it’s a mixture of  thinking it’s weird and profound admiration.

For Himself, it’s something about the calm, stillness, peacefulness and quiet that makes this deeply attractive: exactly the same reasons I normally choose these hours to try and sleep.

I do have to admit though, once I have been dropped off and am somewhere, possibly a canal, looking at beautiful buildings …soaking them up in the tranquility of the early hour, I find myself agreeing that “on occasion” early rising can be amazing.

On this occasion the drop-off point for this photography adventure of discovery was the outskirts of the city center of the beautiful town of Leiden.

(photograph © Kiwidutch)


Opps! Apologies are needed. Yet again I made a whole series of posts and forgot to check that the dates in the WordPress Schedule actually matched up to the number of posts I was making. At one point I even thought: “Oh ok, brilliant! these posts really do fill up faster than I thought” and at no point did it register that this might have been because I’d made a mistake. Duh. Sorry about this… Apologies again!

(photograph copyright © Kiwidutch)

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