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July 28, 2020

You Know Where I’m Headed Next!

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(photograph copyright © Kiwidutch)

Himself has me set up in the center of Leiden and is off to do some very dusty cleaning in the house.

We are shifting our kitchen from its original tiny galley spot to the back half of our living room, the dining area.

There will be less room for a big table but what we have will do the job.

It’s old and last on the list for replacement, only if the budget doesn’t overrun.

Himself discovered when the floorboards were lifted to get ready for the work that previous tradesmen over the past 90 years have left everything from sawdust, wood shavings, off-cuts and nails to paper rubbish and general litter behind, obviously thinking that if the floorboards covered everything, who would know?

Himself figures that our brilliant tradesman, (J) who works like a man possessed and is a perfectionist would appreciate a clean work space when he arrived to do all of he piping and wiring.

Therefore he wanted to clear out all of the dust, detritus and rubbish.

Of course it had the added bonus that (J) could start work immediately ad we wouldn’t be paying him to do cleaning work. (we are Dutch after all! HaHa!)

I can’t help Himself do this so a photography break was excellent at this moment, especially since I have not been out of the house in weeks.

There is a church on the horizon that I’m fascinated about.

Not only does it have a beautiful dome, it also has sort of flying buttresses, but joined to the building like a skirt. Guess which direction I’m heading in next!?

(photograph copyright © Kiwidutch)

(photograph copyright © Kiwidutch)

(photograph copyright © Kiwidutch)


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