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December 15, 2012

When the Nightmare Becomes Reality…

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

Dear Readers,

I had a completely different post lined up for today all ready in the schedule and ready to post,  and slept most of the day as I’m home  from work sick.

There was no TV, no radio on all day:  Himself is also sick as a dog so when the kids came home, tired. cold and wet, and Kiwi Daughter in a foul mood it took both of us all of our energy to control the war she was trying to start and subdue the tantrums and  tears.

(It’s near the end of  term and starting High School has been a big shock to her system that sucks the energy out of the kid, she’s worked hard but the Christmas holiday can’t come fast enough for her as the strain of learning to be a “big kid”  shows.)

So, it’s 9.00 p.m. both tired kids are in bed and Himself,  looking like a zombie crashed out too within minutes. I realise I haven’t checked my email all day so want to stay up to check it… in my Favourites List is the BBC News website which I absently click on first.

The headline I am met with is essentially every parent’s nightmare: a mass shooting  at the Sandy Hook Primary School in Newtown, Connecticut, USA.   I shiver, and read with tears in my eyes.

A madman (he doesn’t deserve attention so I refuse to write his name) has gunned down children and their teachers, some 27 people, in what appears to have been a small town, close-knit community.  I simply can’t imagine the news that will be delivered to some parents in Newtown today, I wouldn’t wish this news on anyone, to be told that their child won’t be coming home.

It’s clear that teachers did everything they could, hiding children in cupboards keeping them silent as the perpetrator stalked the halls.

Some of the teachers didn’t stand a chance, their loved ones will also face the most devastating of news today too.

There will probably be a long and heated debate about the (in)famous gun laws in the United States…  but that’s for later. Right now I can only sit numbly at the shock of this news, and wonder how on earth those parents will cope now that this nightmare has become their reality.

Tonight I am reminded that our pitiful hassles are few, life gets put into perspective again and my kids get an extra kiss planted onto their sleeping faces, and even though I’ve already said it today, I want to take them in my arms and remind them again how much  love them, though I doubt they would appreciate being roused from their innocent dreams.

As the shock of this event ripples around the world, I can only hope that these parents could know that good and decent parents everywhere are thinking of them, praying for them and wishing them strength. Our tears flow and like you we can not comprehend the awfulness of this madness.

Rest in Peace little children… and the innocent adults who perished too.  You were taken too soon and the world mourns.

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