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January 23, 2010

The Hague, Billboard Archive Photos: Vondelstraat

Gemeente Den Haag (the Hague City Council) has in recent weeks placed many large billboards around the city. All of them are photos of various points in the city taken over the last century of so … and all are situated in the spots where the original photos were taken, so that viewers can see both the past and present views.

(photo © Kiwidutch)

(photo © Kiwidutch)

I find this way of bringing real history to the streets to be a brilliant idea and have set out to document as many of them as I can find.

I actually have a problem with this billboard,  because I don’t think think that it facing  quite the right way…I think that  it should face more side-ways to the way it is positioned.

The photo in the billboard appears to look down Vondelstraat , and then Yes, there are new buildings that have been built afterwards, running at right angles to,  covering the “ends” of these rows.

(photo © Kiwidutch)

(photo © Kiwidutch)

The translation of the Dutch text reads: ” Vondelstraat with side walls of Bilderdijkstraat, Tollenstraat and 2nd De Riemerstraat, 1929.”

(Meaning that you can see the ends of the houses in each of these streets) The photo was taken during the Great Depression and three of the ends of the building rows appear to have had other buildings formerly attached to them, and which have been removed.

One of them ( third from right) is the correct looking end of a row of terraced houses. One day when I get time I wouldn’t mind finding out why there seems to be “shaddows” of former buildings on the ends of these rows and why they are missing in the billboard photo.

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