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April 27, 2014

Ok, A Furtive Look Around: … err…When Do I Panic?

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If you are visiting the Netherlands on the first Monday of any month, or came to live here recently you may be forgiven for a startled glance around you when at 12.00 noon you suddenly hear sirens going off everywhere.

When I first arrived in The Netherlands and heard these for the first time I was in the middle of a busy shopping street and looked around nervously to see if other people were doing things that I should maybe take notice of and follow suit.

Hmmm… they didn’t skip a beat, no one flinched or did anything. I was passing a bakery so ducked into the shop and asked the assistant if she knew what was going on please? She grinned and told me not to worry, it’s a normal part of Dutch life, the sirens are tested on the first Monday of every month at noon and if you hear them going off then, then it’s only the test.

If  however you hear these sirens at any other time then it’s a signal that some sort of emergency is at hand. You should turn on your radio and look for directions of what to do from police, Government, the national flooding agency or whichever appropriate agency  is taking control of the emergency situation.

Duh, silly me forgot that the movie feature only shows a horizontal photo so the video clip is side on because I had the camera up the wrong way. Since it’s the sound that’s the most important part of the clip I didn’t think it was worth making the video all over again (yep, if I’m honest I was feeling lazy).

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