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September 10, 2009

An unusal but brillant way to achieve cheese perfection….

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cheese from 09 france 28 July 7 (Small)

(Photo © Kiwidutch)

 We are in France,  approaching Rouen and heading northwards towards The Netherlands. We find to our dismay ( and add to our learning curve) that when our French friends reprogrammed our TomTom Sat Nav to take us north via Rouen instead of via Paris, that the machine literally wants to take us to the very heart of Rouen. Next time we know that to save time and traffic jams that we will need to  ignore the Sat Nav  instructions and use common sense and actually question the intelligence of the gadget. We spy a supermarket on the outskirts of Rouen, the skies are grey, it’s raining and we have two options… find somewhere to eat tonight in France (or perhaps Belgium) or to keep on the motorway all the way home and have a late impromptu cheeseboard dinner once we have flopped out in our own living room. We opt for the later option. Himself shops for cheeses, I hunt for frozen lamb-chops (often in France they are from New Zealand and at least half the price of lambchops from anywhere that you will find in The Netherlands)  but find none , not surprised, this is a smaller lesser known supermarket chain, bag up some French apricots (at 1/3rd of the price I had bought some, also from France in the Netherlands before we left ), I get the baguette and some local paté,  and we head back to the car and northwards as soon as possible. The cheeses are in the back of our hatchback, on top of Pineau… the air conditioning is on,  so it is cool from below and any residual heat of the day is stored up via the back window.  We get though Belgium in almost exctly one  hour to the minute and though the Netherlands without hitting any traffic jams. Once home we unload the car as quickly as possible , dump most of the luggage in the hallway to deal with tomorrow and grab the foodstuffs… a wooden board from the kitchen, a couple of knives and some kitchen towel to wipe our fingers on. The cheeses have gone soft in the back of the car… one in particular has obtained a perfect temperature for the perfect time and is gorgeous… in fact so gorgeous that Hubby eats half of it before telling me and guiltily admits that he could have happily eaten the rest as well too…. but sweetie that he is, he hands me some, and even though I lost interest in recent years in soft cheeses in favour of harder and older more mature cheeses, I am instantly re converted.. this is heaven, on a slice of bread. Forget any soft cheese experiences you have ever had until now.. this supersedes them all.

best french soft cheese ever2 (Small)

(Photo © Kiwidutch)

Replete,  we wearily contemplate our trip to France, the 2400 km we have just added to the clock on the car,  happily eye our Pineau stash and think about our upcoming trip to America in a week and a half time.  Tomorrow morning we collect the kids from my best friend’s place. Life is good.

So if you want one of the most unusual recipes in the world but with a simply outstanding result, then this is it:

best french soft cheese ever (Small)

(Photo © Kiwidutch)

 Cheese recipe à la autoroute:  Take soft French cheeses bought in a cheap supermarket in France, do not unwrap, but add to luggage space of  automobile, Drive for approximately three hours with air-co at a comfortable level… and with the evening sun gently setting on the rear of the car as you drive north. Remove packet of cheeses from rear of automobile, unwrap and place on wooden breadboard and consume about 10 minutes later with the French baguette you bought at same said supermarket.  Forget to open paté (you won’t miss it).  Add cheap bottle of  French red wine as perfect accompaniment.  Wish only that you had bought more  of especially one particular cheese… … lots more.

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