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December 23, 2011

Quick, Easy, Simple, Gorgeous and Delicious Christmas Tray Treats your Kids can Whip up in a Jiffy!

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

Himself and I had a friend babysit our kids at her house whilst we sneaked out to the shops to “help Santa”  bring in some surprises for Christmas Day.

When we came back later to collect the children they surprised us with a lovely treat:  her son and our two had been busy in the kitchen making some wonderful little Christmas tray treats.

Simple ingredients, easy to make and looking amazing!

These little Christmas “puddings” are not “puddings” at all, but are really just mallowpuff biscuits, partly covered with melted white chocolate, and topped with New Zealand “lollies” (sweets/snoepjes/candy) in the form of  gummy spearmint leaves and a Jaffa.

Since these were presented fully-made and as a surprise, I didn’t get the chance to photograph the seperate ingredients, but here are links to photos that should shed some light on what the ingredients actually are .

Mallowpuffs are described as “Light fluffy marshmallow sitting on top of a shortcake biscuit, covered in luxurious milk chocolate.”  and you can see a picture of them here:  http://www.griffins.co.nz/by-name/mallowpuffs

Spearmint Leaves are a soft-ish chewy gummy type sweet, tasting (naturally enough) of spearmint and shaped like a leaf.  Here’s a link to a photograph: http://www.lollyworld.com.au/pascall-spearmint-leaves-2kg-bulk-nz-lollies-624.html

And Jaffa’s are a classic New Zealand sweet that all Kiwi’s know and love, they are little balls of chocolate covered in a hard orange candy shell : http://www.shopnewzealand.co.nz/en/cp/Cadbury_Jaffas_140g

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

– Mallowpuffs
– White Chocolate
– Spearmint leaf lollies/sweets/ candy
– Jaffa lollies/sweets/ candy

Cut the spearmint leaves in half (lengthwise) , melt the white chocolate, put into a piping bag (or sturdy plastic bag with a corner snipped off) and pipe  it onto the top of the mallowpuff biscuits (cookies).

Then place the spearmint leaf pieces into the choclate and top with a jaffa for the “berry”  in the centre.

My friend melted the white chocolate and supervised the piping, her 11 year old son cut the leaves in half with a sharp knife and my 10 and 6 year olds made a little production line with the 11 year old to assemble everything.

They made a grand effort and doesn’t the result look stunning?  (I think so!!!)

Maybe you will need to find similar “style”  ingredients where you are if an exact match isn’t possible, but the idea is blissfully easy and if three kids can whip up three trays of these with  minimal  help from an adult, then it proves  that this would be a quick and easy winner of a recipe for any busy adult (or adult with kids) to whip up for  that work afternoon-tea,  end-of-year school party, or sports function etc.

As an addition to your Christmas baking trays, they couldn’t be easier and they look wonderfully festive!

The note reads… “dear Mama and Daddy, Love from …(Kids names obscured for internet privacy).

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve been warned that trying to substitute icing / frosting for the white chocolate is fraught with difficulty, because  unless the icing/frosting is of an exact consistency, it will simply slide off the side of the mallowpuff into puddles at the bottom, so DO use white chocolate  which I’ve been assured is pretty much foolproof.

So… How do they taste? Excellent!… I “needed” to taste several to make sure LOL . Enjoy!

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

February 21, 2010

A quick and easy craft project that’s literally Child’s Play…

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(photograph © Kiwidutch)

I try to read other people’s blogs and make a comment when something catches my eye…

Yesterday I was reading Mallory Murray’s blog ” Modern Mind, Vintage Heart-  Handcrafted, Homemade, Heartfelt”  a blog also on WordPress.

On February 17th   Mallory posted an crafty idea that I had never seen before and it took my fancy. It can be found at the link the the bottom of this post.

It’s a little square of fabric that has little loops of ribbon sticking out that babies and play with, feel and suck. What a great idea !

A neighbour just down the street had a baby boy  at Christmas time, so this unusual idea really appealed to me. I resolved to make it some time.

Today my teeth are feeling better and some medication is helping with the cold so after a nap this morning I bought my sewing machine out to the dining room table so that a friend could sew a little project that she had planned, and she had a few scraps of fabric left over, which I duly scrounged err,  I mean recycled quickly into a little gift for our little newest  little neighbour.

(photograph © Kiwidutch)

Thanks Mallory for the inspiration…. this took no time at all to stitch, if you don’t count the time  it took me to re-pin the ribbons so that the loops were on the inside with the tails sticking out, when the right sides of the fabric were together. (Luckily the penny dropped before I actually started sewing.)

I did take one change and one short-cut. The change was to add two thin pieces of fabric to the inside of the square to make it a bit firmer.  The short-cut was  I found that it easier to leave a little unsewn  piece between the last ribbon and the corner on two sides, this meant that when I turned it though afterwards that I would have had to fashion those two edges back into a corner.

It was more fuss that I was up for with this cold and a simple tuck under on the diagonal was quicker and easier so I  did that instead.

Cool little project and fun to stitch. Thanks!

Here’s the link to Mallory’s page and the original idea.


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