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kiwi’s note Last post added: Peddle Power People Carriers, the Bakfiets…

Kids and Family


Relaxed dining out with small children is feat for the brave…

…Ah ha the best laid plans of mice and men…. as surely as if my surname had been Murphy, the Best Behaviour bomb detonates about 5 minutes after you have ordered, which is precisely the time it took for our offspring to have outgrown the novelty of the new surroundings, explored every corner and worn out their endearing smiles with the staff…


Grandma And Her Legacy That Changed My Life


Christmas Ornaments

Quick and Easy felt Wreath Ornaments… Step-by-Step


A Blog is born (yeah, yet another one)
Being the offspring of two cultures is quite literally: a mixed blessing.



Dutch Bikes

Peddle Power People Carriers, the Bakfiets…


Dutch Traditions

A cheerful Dutch rite of passage…




Food: Kiwi’s Favourite Party Recipes

Standing out from the crowd of buffet table “usuals”

How to be mega lazy and still eat well…
Keeping all the balls in the air…healthy home cooking shortcuts.



Portuguese Food (Recipes)

What is Salt Cod? sounds fishy to me….
Bacalhau – Salt Cod and how to prepare it, step by step.
What IS it that is so compelling about the Portuguese Kitchen?

Electrical Sub-Stations in The Hague

Electricity Substations: Amazing artwork!
Electricity Substations… More Works of Art.
Electricity Substations… Works of Art ! 
Just Humming Along in the City… (or Should That be Buzzing?) 

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Quick and Easy felt Wreath Ornaments… Step-by-Step

Historical Billboards in The Hague

Billboard Archive Photos: Thorbeckelaan
Billboard Archive photos: Nieuwe Parklaan
Billboard Archive Photos: Schedeldoekshaven I
The Hague, Billboard Archive Photos: Veenkade
Billboard Archive Photo: Maartensdijklaan
Streets Some of my Own Family would have Known Well… (Paul Krugerlplein and Paul Krugerlaan)
Billboard Archive Photos: Korte Laak, Escamppolder. (Korte Laak , Escamppolder)

Billboard Archive Photos: Laakhaven met links de Fijnjekade

Billboard Archive Photos: Erasmusweg II -tuinfeest…
Flats aan de Vlaskamp, Gone or Just Gone into Hiding?
How much has changed at the High End of Prins Willemstraat? (with Badhuisstaat at right)
Getting Water, Keeping Criminals and Loosing a Railway Track…()
Billboard Archive Photos:Spelende kinderen op het Alberdingk Thijmplein.











Vianden Posts, Velveteen trip:
Inside The Castle Walls…
When You Live A Long Way Up, Some Things Are A Long Way Down…
There’s Nothing Like Dressing Up For the Occasion…
Eyeing Up The Beautiful Brews…
Dancing The Night Away: Medieval Style…
The Magic Of A Most Bewitching Bird…
The Second Market Is Quite Literally Buzzing…
Taking the Scenic Route Through A Very Scenic Town…
Hotel Belle-Vue: With Beautiful Views Indeed…
Fine Dining Well Suited For The Ravenous…
The Magic Of A Castle In the MoonLight (Well, Floodlights At Least)
A Delicious Breakfast, But Two Of Us Had Pizza And Bread Making On The Brain…
Decorations In Wood, Turrets, Towers, … And A Cable Car!
A Massive Surprise On A Hill At Vianden…

Luxemburg: Germany Landal Wirfttal 2015 Summer trip

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